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A RF Generator is manufactured by using various high-frequency technologies.
Plasma processing, which mainly uses RF Systems, is a highly delicate process at Micro/Nano level. Hence the specification of the RF System greatly affects the quality of plasma. Therefore the RF System manufactured with the latest high-technology should be used.

PTS Co., Ltd promises to solve customer’s problems with a capable technical team and extensive RF know-how. You can purchase products from any number of manufacturer. However, partnering with experienced manufacturer as PTS, you can set up a reliable Plasma production environment.

Consultation Areas

- Development of RF Generators and Matchers of Individual Specifications
- Modification, Extension and Repairs of Existing Facilities
- Facility Capability Upgrades and Optimization
- Locating Related Parts and Components
- Technical Consultation of RF Systems and Processing

Sample Technical Consultation

- Plasma discharge is unstable. Is there a solution for uniform discharge?
- I want to know the noise filter cut plan. (ESC, Heater, Thermocouple, etc)
- I want to stabilize the Ramping Up speed and time.
- Matching is not working. Can the Matching range be increased?
- The RF Cable is heating up.
- I want to experiment with various frequencies.
- I want to approve different frequencies simultaneously. (Frequency Piling)
- I want to make a custom specification RF Generator to suit my equipments.