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Single Freq

In the basic specification model,
the RF Generator generates power for only one specified frequency.


50kW   O O              
30kW   O O              
20kW   O O              
10kW O O O O O O        
7.5kW O O O O O O        
5kW O O O O O O O      
3kW O O O O O O O O    
2kW O O O O O O O O O O
1kW O O O O O O O O O O
500W O O O O O O O O O O
300W O O O O O O O O O O

2MHz 4MHz 13.56MHz 27.12MHz 40.68MHz 60MHz 100MHz 200MHz 300MHz 500MHz

Frequency : 2MHz 3.2MHz 4MHz 13.56MHz 27.12MHz 40.68MHz 100MHz 400kHz

Electricity : 2kW 3kW 5kW 8kW 10kW 15kW 20kW 30kW 50kW 60kW 300W

Image Model Spec View
PTS-G10K13M Frequency : 13.56MHz
Output : 10kW
PTS-G2K4M Frequency : 4MHz
Output : 2kW
PTS-G5K4M Frequency : 4MHz
Output : 5kW
PTS-G10K4M Frequency : 4MHz
Output : 10kW
PTS-G30K4M Frequency : 4MHz
Output : 30kW
PTS-G30K13M Frequency : 13.56MHz
Output : 30kW
PTS-G50K13M Frequency : 13.56MHz
Output : 50kW
PTS-G10K2M Frequency : 2MHz
Output : 10kW
PTS-G0.3K13M Frequency : 13.56MHz
Output : 300W
PTS-G60K3M Frequency : 3.2MHz
Output : 60kW
PTS-G3K2M Frequency : 2MHz
Output : 3kW
PTS-G3K4M Frequency : 4MHz
Output : 3kW
PTS-G3K13M Frequency : 13.56MHz
Output : 3kW
PTS-G3K27M Frequency : 27.12MHz
Output : 3kW
PTS-G5K400K Frequency : 400kHz
Output : 5kW
PTS-G50K40M Frequency : 40.68MHz
Output : 50kW
PTS-G30K40M Frequency : 40.68MHz
Output : 30kW
PTS-G20K13M Frequency : 13.56MHz
Output : 20kW
PTS-G20K4M Frequency : 4MHz
Output : 20kW
PTS-G5K13M Frequency : 13.56MHz
Output : 5kW
PTS-G3K100M Frequency : 100MHz
Output : 3kW
PTS-G8K2M Frequency : 2MHz
Output : 8kW
PTS-G15K13M Frequency : 13.56MHz
Output : 15kW
PTS-G15K4M Frequency : 4MHz
Output : 15kW